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On Saturday we took full advantage of having no kids and being able to sleep in. We knew that we wanted to check out the World Famous Santa Monica Pier in the morning, hopefully before it was super packed with weekend crowds! Before then, we had to eat and found this great place for brunch called the Blue Daisy.

couple dining outside in santa monica
bacon bloody mary in santa monica restaurant

Another outside meal and it was fantastic. No hangover to cure, but their Bacon Bloody Mary was a great way to start the day! It’s so pretty! I just had to take a picture! Tyson had a mimosa with orange juice and it was delicious as well. He had a Pulled Pork bowl that was hearty and tasty while I had over easy eggs and french toast. I don’t know how you make french toast still mildly crunchy after being made, but it was. And it was delish! Now onto the Santa Monica Pier!

santa monica pier from helicopter view

After that, we parked back at the hotel and walked to the Famous Santa Monica Pier. It wasn’t too busy, but there was an Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding competition going on that was very entertaining and drew quite a few spectators. We walked to the very end of the pier, to the end of Route 66. Standing on top of the ocean, at the end of the pier was peaceful and surprisingly not too busy.

pacific park entrance on santa monica pier

Next was Pacific Park, an amusement park right on the Santa Monica pier! It seemed way more packed than it really was. We got right to the front of the line in just a few minutes to buy tickets for the rides. It was a bit overpriced if you ask me, but the value and the experience was incredible. We got tickets for the roller coaster and the ferris wheel. It was $40 for both of us to ride both rides.

santa monica pier over the ocean
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The roller coaster was very different. It’s a metal coaster, but only starts going fast in the middle and at the end. Not very typical of a roller coaster. But it was fun and nostalgic for sure.

santa monica pier and beach

The ferris wheel though was great. It offered views of the entire beach, Catalina Island and you could even see Big Bear! The views were spectacular and quite memorable.

couple on ferris wheel over ocean on santa monica pier

After that, we walked the beach and dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean. It was SOOOO cold! We walked along the ocean for a bit, just listening to the tide before making our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the iHeartRadio ALTerEgo concert.

For dinner, we went to Ye Old Kings Pub. My uncle recommended it to us the night before. We had their Oxford Mules, a twist on a Moscow Mule, and they were delicious. The sausage rolls were flaky and delicious. I actually wasn’t sure I would enjoy them since I am not a fan of sausage, but they were tasty! We both had fish and chips and it was divine. They were flaky as they should be and the fries were crispy and a perfect addition!

couple at iheartradio concert at the forum california

The last thing of the night was the concert we were sent there for. We were transported on a shuttle to The Forum in Inglewood. No problems along the way at all. We did arrive a bit late, so we missed twentyonepilots, but they weren’t a big draw for either of us anyways. We were really not surprised to be spending $18 for a 16 oz beer, but we are on vacation. What do you expect?

the forum inglewood california
Photo Credit: Madison Square Garden

All of the bands were fantastic. Honestly, it was a picture perfect night. These bands like Rise Against, Weezer and Muse all sounded EXACTLY like they do on the radio. For one band to do that in this age of heavily edited music is amazing, but for 6 to do that blew my mind.

santa monica pier and beach at night

Our night ended with a night walk on the beach. It was so peaceful and quiet. A great ending to a wonderful day.

Have you been to Santa Monica? What was your favorite thing to do? Let me know in the comments!

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