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Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, better known as Epcot, is more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom and will take you around the world in a day or two. It’s also an original concept from Walt Disney himself. Even if you’ve never been there before, I’m sure you’ve seen the iconic Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere.

There are only two “official” lands here, but there is SO MUCH to see in both lands. Honestly, we initially had only one day in Epcot to begin with, but we ended up having to go back because we definitely didn’t get to see everything we wanted. I’m so glad we took the second day because it made it a lot more leisurely.

There really is so much to do and see here. And there are things that pop up out of the blue! Epcot ended up being my favorite park we have visited. I loved the pace and that it seemed a lot more spacious and not as crazy hectic as some of the other parks were.

Future World East

The majority of the rides in Epcot are housed in Future World. There are only a few of them that see long lines and the majority tend to have low wait times all day!

epcot geodesic sphere with fountains and monorail
Photo Credit: WDW News Today

Spaceship Earth is one of those rides and it’s right when you walk in! It’s a slow moving, dark ride that takes you through the history of man and the potential future of where we are going. The entire queue is outside, but because the train doesn’t have to stop to load more riders, it goes pretty quickly. It’d be a great spot to cool off in the middle of the day or a good rest for little ones!

Epcot test track ride photo
We’re in the back row. Those two guys in front don’t look excited lol

Test Track is the opposite of Spaceship Earth. Through the queue you get to learn about car design and how changing the design of your car can change the speed or function of it. Then right before you get on the ride, you get to design your own car. WHAT?

My husband was beyond excited for this one since he is a gearhead. Once you design your car, including color, it saves to your MagicBand or park ticket and you are ready to test it out! That’s when the real fun begins!

You are paired with others to fill a 6 person car, then the car takes turn testing each of the cars in different kinds of conditions like snow, wet roads and speed. It’s really fun!

Near Test Track is Mission: Space, a simulated shuttle launch. There are two different versions of this ride, a mild one and an intense one. I’m a thrill seeker and I LOVE roller coasters, but the intense one almost made me hurl. It was a lot of fun, but if I was to do it again, I would do the mild mission for sure!

Future World West

Epcot Character Spot

This one is FP eligible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would suggest going through it at a time when there are lower crowds around such as “normal” lunch or dinner times to avoid a potentially longer line.

Here is where you can meet Baymax from Big Hero 6, Joy & Sadness from Inside Out, and Mickey, Minnie & Goofy. It was so quick and we were able to meet everyone within an hour during the lunch rush! We just ate earlier than normal!

girl with baymax in epcot

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

There is a lot to do here. From the actual ride with Nemo and buddies to a giant aquarium with real sharks! Turtle Talk with Crush is here as well if you have little ones who want a chance to talk to their fave Nemo and Dory friends.

SeaBase is the real accomplishment here in my opinion. Up until 2005, it was the largest saltwater tank in the world! It is a 5.7 million gallon aquarium that is home to sharks, sea turtles, and numerous species of fish. There are also separate tanks that house such as moray eels, manatees and seahorses that are not able to interact with the other animals.

There also is a full blown table service restaurant here! You can even see it through the aquarium’s upper viewing deck. The Coral Reef Restaurant also has an entire wall of glass that allows guests to view the aquarium while dining!

The Seas also allows for special tours INTO THE AQUARIUM! Certified SCUBA divers are able to take a dive into the tank for a guided underwater tour and a “free-play” time.

The Land

This pavilion houses Soarin & Livin’ With The Land. Soarin is a milder and less immersive version of Flight of Passage. It also goes through various different well known landmarks around the world. It even incorporates smells. To me, that was the most incredible part. I smelled jasmine flowers when we flew over the Taj Mahal and it was wonderful.

Livin’ With the Land is a boat tour that is part dark ride and part through an outdoor greenhouse and hydroponics lab! It shows the different fruits, vegetables and animals that are used throughout Epcot. I really enjoyed it and learning about the different foods that are cultivated in Epcot!

topiary cut to shape mickey mouse head in epcot


Journey into the Imagination with Figment is a dark, cool ride housed within giant glass pyramids. It’s a fun ride that everyone can enjoy! When you exit, there are some really cool jumping fountains right outside that can make for a great picture spot with Spaceship Earth in the background!

girl standing in front of rising fountains and metal pyramid at epcot

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival is here too and is a 4-D ride. The films were cute and the

That covers the rides for Epcot Future World. Whew! Ready to journey around the world now?

World Showcase

There are 11 country pavilions in all around the World Showcase Lagoon. They are, in clockwise order, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

Each one of them has a decor specific to that country and also each of them has amazing shops and restaurants! Those restaurants have wonderful drinks and food that contribute to helping you drink or snack your way around the world! I have detailed out those delicious dishes and drinks in this post!

You can start from either side of the showcase, or skip around to the middle using the handy water taxis they have! Really, it’s whatever is best for you and your family (or your FastPass strategy!). We personally started in Canada and worked our way around.


couple standing in replica victoria gardens in epcot

There are enormous totem poles, a beautiful Victorian garden and you have the opportunity to see O, Canada, an 18 minute 360-degree film. Also housed here is Le Cellier Steakhouse, arguably one of the best restaurants in all of Epcot and Disney World, however, it is pricey and hard to get a reservation, so make sure you get it way in advance!

United Kingdom

Stepping into this pavilion, you are transported to the cobblestone streets lined with beautiful gardens dotted with iconic red telephone boxes. You can frequently meet Alice, Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh here. There are also a lot of cute little shops that have authentic UK gear.

mother and daughter standing with Alice in wonderland at epcot

The Rose & Crown Pub is housed here as well. If you are looking for a killer place to view the fireworks at night, try and snag a patio table as it is right on the lagoon!


This pavilion is super close to my heart. I have always loved the French culture and architecture. Walking through here made it feel like we were transported to a small hamlet surrounding Paris instead of walking through Epcot in Florida. The shopping here is wonderful and there is a small little bakery in the back of the pavilion that smells to die for! This is also home to two different fine dining options with Chefs de France and Monsieur Paul.

You can also meet Belle and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty here frequently.


I’ve never been to Morocco before, but I can only imagine how beautiful it is from stepping inside this pavilion. I definitely felt like we walked through the streets of Morocco. The architecture is beautiful and there is quite a few quiet locations to stop and rest for a bit. Tangierine Cafe is housed here and smelled amazing.

Aladdin & Jasmine can be found here, but can be quite the wait sometimes!


Japanese architecture is gorgeous. This pavilion does a perfect job of showing off the beauty of the buildings and tranquilness that is incorporated into their culture. One of the biggest draws here is the ‘Pick Your Pearl’ experience! You can pick your own clam with a pearl for an amazing souvenir that is truly one of a kind!

Teppan Edo is the big restaurant here. It is a hibachi style table meal. If you are eating later, make sure to ask for a table by the window so you can view the fireworks!

The American Adventure

I really didn’t expect to like this pavilion as much as I did. It accurately depicts colonial America, complete with buildings and a show highlighting the Voices of Liberty that helped shape our country when it was so young. If you didn’t feel patriotic after that show, are you even American? (Just kidding, but it really is a great show and a great way to escape the heat for a bit!)

american adventure at epcot
Photo Credit: Disney Parks


Italy smells like pasta. It smells like amazingly tasty pasta. The pavilion itself is gorgeous and reminiscent of Venice. There are lots of shops and some even sell high end Italian designer fragrances. I felt fancy just walking through there!

woman kissing mans cheek in italy pavilion in epcot

Via Napoli is housed here and is arguably some of the best Italian food in Walt Disney World! Make sure to book in advance if pasta is your jam!


This one is personally close to my husband’s heart because he took German in school. Don’t miss the Swarvoski store, Kunstarbeit in Kristall! The creations there are second to none and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

We grabbed a German pretzel and took a rest to just take in the scenery. Very tasty and highly recommended!

Also noted: Snow White can be found in this pavilion!


China has beautiful buildings and very bright colors everywhere. Reflections of China, a 13 minute 360-degree movie, can be found here. You will see some amazing Chinese artifacts after exiting the show that are impressive for sure! If you happen to find yourself here when the acrobats perform, stay and watch. They are well worth it!

mother, daughter and father in china pavilion in epcot

Note: Mulan can be found here throughout the day!

mother and daughter standing with princess mulan in epcot


Don’t want to miss the Frozen Ever After ride in Norway! It used to be Maelstrom until Frozen exploded and it was absolutely wonderful! The ride itself is very impressive and fun. The ride is dark, slow and on a boat, complete with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf & Sven. The snowbies, Marshmallow and trolls make an appearance too!

elsa, anna and olaf in frozen ever after in epcot
Photo Credit: Touring Plans
These animatronics are insane!

Really, this is a great ride even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Frozen! The animatronics alone are some of the best I’ve ever seen from Disney. Seriously, the characters look like they just stepped right out of the movie and are standing right there. Amazing. After getting off the ride, you’ll enter The Fjording. It’s a really cool mix of Norway and Frozen memorabilia. I forgot I was even in Epcot! Also, there is a giant troll in the middle of the store. (Flemmy the fungus troll perhaps?)

girl with giant troll in epcot
Flemmy the Fungus troll?

Don’t miss stopping by Royal Sommerhus to meet our favorite princesses! We were able to meet Anna and Elsa with only a 25 min ride, which is really unheard of! After that, stop by the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and try the schoolbread and lefse that is handmade. You really do need both because you’ve been traveling the world and deserve it. And it’s delicious.

Norway is also home to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, the best place to meet ALL OF THE PRINCESSES without waiting in various lines all day long! You will meet 5 princesses including Belle. The other princesses usually include Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel with human legs, but they are subject to change.

I highly recommend making a breakfast reservation for before the park opens, that way you can maximize the time spent in this amazing park.


The pyramid encloses the entirety of the pavilion. ‘Remember Me’ is a Day of the Dead exhibit based around Coco that meets you when you enter the pyramid. Going further into the pyramid, you’ll find a large marketplace, a restaurant and a ride!

The marketplace has a feel of walking through a Mexican street marketplace. There are even artists right there making their art! The restaurant is the San Angel Inn Restaurante and the ride is the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros with Donald Duck!

We actually ate dinner right across the street from the pyramid at La Cantina de San Angel. It is a quick service restaurant, but it was so delicious. Similar food to the San Angel Inn, but lower prices. And it’s outside, so we were able to sit close to the lagoon and watch the fireworks afterwards. It was a great seat!

Have you been to Epcot? What is your favorite thing to do? Favorite country to be in?

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