Cali…here we come!

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I cannot believe enough that you get back what you put into the world. Power of 3, Charmed taught me that. #90skid right here!

The man in the picture above is my husband, Tyson. He is my rock and is everything I am not. He’s the one that folds my laundry when I forget about it in the dryer for 3 days. #MomBrain

That’s why, when I got a call from Ohio in early December, I didn’t listen to him and I answered it anyway. Turns out, it was the call of a lifetime and goes to show that I do have a horseshoe in my purse, just like my grandmother always said she did.

That call from Ohio was from iHeartRadio. They were calling to tell me that I had won tickets to the ALTerEgo show in Los Angeles in January. It was the first time in my life with him that I was glad I didn’t listen to him and answered my phone.

Let Our Lives Change

Because of the amazing local radio station being a part of iHeartRadio, my fiancee and I were whisked away for an amazing weekend in California…and narrowly escaping the snow and freezing temps at home in Kansas!

We had an amazing experience and one I cannot thank iHeartRadio enough for giving to us. It was an all expenses paid trip and we stayed an extra day because Tyson had never been to Cali before. I have family there and we were able to see them for the first time in 18 years. We wanted to experience California while we were there and didn’t want to be tied down to the hotel.

We rented a car, went sailing on the ocean, and had the best freaking steak ever. And that’s just on day one!

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