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California is an amazing place with Santa Monica at the heart of it all. Tyson and I never would have thought that we would love it as much as we did. It’s gorgeous, has beautiful weather, mountains, ocean and snow. It’s pretty much perfect. Over the next few posts, I’m going to take you through the best parts of our adventures in Santa Monica.

As I mentioned in this post, I won a trip from iHeartRadio to California for the 2019 ALTerEgo concert in January. They got us there as early as possible on Friday so we could make the most out of the all-expenses paid weekend .

Lunch on the Ocean

Tyson had pretty much planned everything since I planned our Disney trip in November. It was nice to sit back and let him take the reins and see what he could come up with. I was blown away.

We started our journey in Redondo Beach, and had a plan of going sailing with South Bay Sailing right off the pier. Tyson and I had a bit of time to kill, so we grabbed lunch at a place called Polly’s. We ended up taking it to go and it was great! I had a crab melt and Tyson had a Rueben. It really was the perfect light lunch to have at sea!

Sailing on Open Water

man sitting on boat in santa monica harbor against rock wall

We sailed about a mile or so out on the open ocean for the duration of our trip. We were blessed with pretty calm waters, so our skipper, even let me drive! It was perfect for the burial at sea that I did for my father and grandmother.

South Bay Sailing even brought flowers for me to toss in the ocean alongside my family’s ashes. Kevin, our skipper, took us by some wildlife and we were able to see sea lions and seals sunning themselves. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations and put my fears of the ocean at ease.

A Santa Monica Hotel With A View

iHeartRadio put us up at the Loews Santa Monica for the weekend. The hotel was literally across the street from the Santa Monica pier. The far wall of the lobby has an enormous glass wall of windows that allows you to see straight to the ocean. The view is breathtaking to say the least. We could just envision the adventures in Santa Monica that we could have!

girl with champagne glass in santa monica hotel room

Let me tell you, the folks at Loews definitely know how to make you feel like a freaking rock star. They gave Tyson and I each a glass of champagne when we checked in, just because. #score!

Best Steak I’ve Ever Had

Dinner was with my uncle at a place that he and my father frequented in their youth. Damon’s is a place that was crowded, yet fast paced. It is a place that you could easily spend hours because the food is on point, the drinks are delicious and worth the price and hopefully the company is good too.

family picture in steakhouse booth

My husband and I are from Kansas, so there are a few things that we know are good. Steak is definitely one of them. This steak from Damon’s blew every other one out of the water. It was so tender, it practically melted in your mouth. Paired with a twice baked potato, oh man. Stick me with a fork, I was done. Oh, and try their Mai-Tai’s. They are FIRE.

When I say you could easily spend hours here, I am speaking from experience. We arrived around 6:30 and didn’t leave until close to 11 or later. That time was well spent and we were in excellent company

What’s to come…?

We were still there for 3 more days! Boy did we make the most of those days! Click here for part 2 of our big California adventure!

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